Important Instructions

  • If you have already joined, then get your enrollment number from here and login to the RAL dashboard.

  • For more information about the Atalyan Rocket Project visit here.

  • Candidates selected for the Atalyaan rocket Project will be paid a fixed monthly salary/stipend/allowance while working at the project. check stipend here.

  • An enrollment number will be issued publicly on the website after 4 hours of registration.

  • A letter of approval will be issued on the second day of registration.

  • A certificate of project approval will be issued after selecting the project from the RAL dashboard.

  • The form fees are refundable for internship candidates only. (This is for candidate-authentic purposes only.) you can request a refund from the RAL portal. The RAL portal will be accessible after the submission of the joining form.

  • This year, only 15 candidates have been selected. To capture your vacancy, submit the joining form within 24 hours.