Presumably first Prototype flight test in 2024

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ATAL YAAN is a reusable two-stage rocket is being designed by OrbitX India for the reliable and safe orbital missions and beyond. Reusability allows OrbitX India to refly the most expensive parts of the rocket. It's the thing that needs to be made.

ATALYAAN Rocket is beging designed to provide breakthrough advances in reliability, cost, and time to launch. The primary design driver is, and will remain, reliability. Orbitx India recognizes that nothing is more important than reaching a customer's payload safely to its intended orbit. 

ATALYAAN Rocket is two stage, liquid oxygen (LOX) and kerosene powered launch vehicle. It uses the same engines, structural architecture (with a wider diameter), and launch control system in both stages.

Rocket Capable for Relaunch


Reusable System

LP engine will power the ATAL-YAAN Rocket for space missions.

- Specific feature -

Air Brake

Air Breathing System

for 1st stage


Requires Minimal range infrastructure. Can be assembled and launched within 48 hours from any launch site.



Lowest cost space mission


Orbital Adjustment Module with re-start capability enables multi-orbit insertions.